AMANDA-II TWR04 Software/Manuals (and TWR03 Software)

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TWR software development is under continuous revision.  There are several tools ready for beta use at this time.  For example, there is a Sieglinde module that converts waveforms into hits so that track reconstruction programs can be used to analyse the TWR data (contact Peter Steffen and Steffen Schlenstedt at DESY-Zeuthen for more information).  Wolfgang Wagner has written a raw data reader that converts raw data files to C-structures.  TWR data that is merged with muon-DAQ data and shipped over satellite to the north are written in F2000 format. Jiwoo Nam (UCI) has written several tools to evaluate the Npe from the waveforms, evaluate T-offsets between muon-DAQ and TWR DAQ (the difference and known TOs from the muon-DAQ provides timing calibration to the TWR system), etc.    Contact information within the AMANDA-II collaboration can be found at

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TWR04 operation manual [ps] [pdf] contains information on the scripts that control the TWR04 DAQ system
Raw data reader for TWR04  [tar] C program that converts TWR04 raw data into C-structures (due Mar04)
TWR04 monitoring [html] Pole webpege explains the new monitoring software, and new features to allow WO to evaluate TWR04 performance.
Data handling/archiving [html] Pole Web page explains the data handling and archiving procedures in AMANDA, including TWR data. It provides some information of the TWR04 filtering (to extract high multiplicity events) and merging with muon DAQ events. This data is sent over the satellite. TWR03 merged data is archived at UCI and available online.
Waveform Visualization[html] Web page that describes how to read merged data (f2K format) from 2003 and 2004, and simulated data with waveforms produced by AMASIM. Page contains source code and instructions for its use.
Raw data reader for TWR03 [html] Web page provides instruction to read raw data files acquired from TWR03
Extracting "hits" from waveforms (in F2K format)[html]

Web page provides description of UCI method to extract hits from waveform data.

Steve Barwick
Updated:  Feb 26 2004