AMANDA-II TWR04 Hardware Manuals
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You will find information on TWR04 hardware components in this menu:

TWR04 operation manual [ps] [pdf]

SIS3300 v200 TWR manual [pdf];   instruction manual for TWR commands for TWR04 operation
SIS3100 initiator manual [pdf]  ;       instruction manual for PCI card of the optical PCI-VME link
SIS3100 linux driver manual [pdf] ;  manual that describes the linux drivers for the PCI-VME link
SIS3100 v130 [pdf];                          SIS module which contains DSP and VME-VME bridge or  PCI-VME bridge
NIM to ECL logic convertor board [pdf] ;  VME board to convert NIM logic signals to ECL logic for distribution on the VME backplane
GPS distribution box schematic [ps]
GPS2VME manual [ps];                  manual for the VME interface module to the GPS clocks

Hardware specific mapping files;  These file contains the cable maps, TWR channel maps, threshold values for feature ID, and other useful information.  Ordered by OM [html] and Ordered by VME crate[html]

TO offsets for each channel will be determined after station close by W. Wagner
Maximum voltage measurements of the ORB prompt output
Steve Barwick
(created Feb 14, 2004)