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AMANDA-II Documents
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Refereed Journals

arXiv e-Print 
  Selection of AGN neutrino source candidates for source stacking analysis Submitted to Astropart. Phys.    
  Optical properties of deep glacial ice at the south pole Submitted to J. Geophys. Res.    
  Limits to muon flux from neutralino annihilations in the Sun Accepted for Publication astro-ph/0508518 Astropart. Phys. (2005)
pdf file Search for Extraterrestrial Point Sources of Neutrinos with AMANDA-II using data collected in 2000-2002 Published astro-ph/0412347 PRD, 71, 077102(2005)
pdf file Search for Neutrino Induced Cascades with AMANDA-II Published astro-ph/0405218 Astropart. Phys, 22, (2004) 127
pdf file Search for Extraterrestrial Point Sources of Neutrinos with AMANDA-II Published astro-ph/0309585 PRL, 92, 071102(2004)
pdf file Calibration and Survey of AMANDA with the SPASE Detectors Published   NIM A522(2004)347
pdf file Muon Track Reconstruction and Data Selection Techniques in AMANDA Published astro-ph/0407044 NIM A524(2004)169
pdf file Limits on Diffuse Fluxes of High Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos... Published astro-ph/0303218

PRL 90 (2003) 251101

pdf file Search for Neutrino-Induced Cascades... Published astro-ph/0206487 PRD
67 (2003) 012003
pdf file Observation of High Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos with AMANDA Published astro-ph/0205109 PRD
66(2002) 012005
pdf file Limits to the muon flux from WIMP annihilation from the center of the Earth Published astro-ph/0202370 PRD,
66(2002) 032006
pdf file Search for Point Sources of High Energy Neutrinos with AMANDA Published
astro-ph/0208006 Ap.J., 583(2003)1040 
Feb 1, 2003
ps file pdf file Results from AMANDA... Published  

Mod. Phys. Lett.


pdf file The AMANDA neutrino telescope: principle of operation and first results Published astro-ph/9906203 Astrop. Phys.
pdf file Search for Supernova Neutrino Bursts... Published astro-ph/0105460 Astrop. Phys.
pdf file Observation of High-Energy Neutrinos using Cherenkov Detectors Embedded Deep in Antarctic Ice Published
Nature, 410(2000)441.

Selected Non-Refereed Journals

For a complete list of AMANDA documents (including dissertations), go to

arXiv e-Print
pdf file New Results from AMANDA published astro-ph/0409423

Neutrino '04 Conference

(Paris) Nucl. Phys. B

pdf file AMANDA-II Contributions to 28th ICRC (Aug, 2003)


(EHE97, point 97&00, diffuse 97, Atm nu 97&00, cacades 97&00, CR composition, new DAQ, GRB97-00, atm mu flux, atm nu flux, WIMP, SNa)


(Tsukuba, JP, pp.48) ps=12MB, pdf=3.4MB

pdf file Results from AMANDA Neutrino Telescope


(EHE97, point 97&00, diffuse 97&00, Atm nu 97&00, cacades 97&00, CR composition, new DAQ)


Venice Conference (March, 2003)

pdf file Recent Results from the AMANDA Experiment   astro-ph/0306209 38th Moriond, 2003
pdf file Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole: Status of AMANDA   astro-ph/0306536
La Thuile, Italy, March 2003
pdf file Physics and Operation of the AMANDA-II High Energy Neutrino Telescope   astro-ph/0211269
SPIE Conf.
(Hawaii, 2002)
pdf file The AMANDA-II Neutrino Telescope published astro-ph/0204268


Nucl. Phys. B 110(2002)510.

pdf file A Method to Detect UHE Neutrinos with AMANDA published proceedings 

Hamburg Workshop

E_nu>10^16 eV!

pdf file AMANDA -- Search for UHE neutrinos presented at Nu2002 (Munich)
Poster updating previous paperon this list
pdf file Potential of AMANDA-II in HE Neutrino Astrophysics  published
pdf file Search for Point Sources of High Energy Neutrinos Using Amanda B-10. published
Salt Lake City
pdf file
High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
Physica Scripta,T85(200)106
Nobel Symp. Lecture
ps file
High Energy Neutrino Physics:
Lectures from SLAC summer institute
Completed in Nov. 2000
ps file is gzipped


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